Metro Social Discomfort Simulator

In the annals of largely pointless Flash games with something to say about the hidden rules that govern social interaction... well those annals pretty much start and end with Metro Rules Of Conduct. » 12/12/08 9:30pm 12/12/08 9:30pm

Does Gaming Make You More Productive?

PC World Business Center has an interesting article up about gaming in the workplace that looks at the way some companies are using games as team building tools, rewards and incentives. » 12/12/08 8:40pm 12/12/08 8:40pm

Lisa Miskovsky Performs Still Alive For Your Listening/Viewing Pleasure

Lisa Miskovsky - the lady behind the Mirror's Edge theme song Still Alive - is apparently a household name in her native Sweden, although has yet to crack the US charts with her musical stylings. » 12/12/08 7:20pm 12/12/08 7:20pm

Tic Tac Toe In LBP

We were pretty certain the fully functional calculator was the most complex LittleBigPlanet mod around. Surely nobody could top that for sheer intricacy, could they? » 12/12/08 4:20pm 12/12/08 4:20pm

Could The Recession Hit Casual Gaming The Hardest?

Sooner or later someone is going to have to give us a definitive answer in the "will gaming survive the recession" debate. This week, 'analysts' reckon that the answer for casual gaming is 'maybe not'. » 12/12/08 2:30pm 12/12/08 2:30pm

Treasure Troves - Augmented Reality DS WiFi Game

Gamasutra had a pleasant chat with Aspyr Software's Justin Leingang in which the publisher/developer revealed some details about their new game Treasure Troves, which uses local wifi signals to generate in-game objects. » 12/11/08 8:20pm 12/11/08 8:20pm

You Want Shardtooth Meat With That? WoW: The Restaurant

A World Of Warcraft themed restaurant has just opened its gaping maw in central Beijing, serving WoW inspired food under Azeroth-themed murals. » 12/11/08 7:20pm 12/11/08 7:20pm

Connie Talbot Goes Over The Rainbow On The Wii

Currently sitting atop the Billboard singles charts like a tiny six year old queen, Britains Got Talent nearly-winner and angel-voiced British Invasion '08 munchkin Connie Talbot is to get her very own Wii game. » 12/11/08 6:20pm 12/11/08 6:20pm

Barack Obama - The Game

As President Bush runs down the clock, the world is waiting to see how Barack Obama will handle the second-toughest job in the world. (the first being whoever has to playtest the Imagine Games) » 12/11/08 5:20pm 12/11/08 5:20pm

UK Consumer Group Takes On Davenport Lyons

The consumer rights organisation Which? has filed a complain on behalf of UK consumers accused of piracy by the law firm Davenport Lyons. » 12/11/08 4:00pm 12/11/08 4:00pm

WoW Is Major Cause Of College Dropouts - FCC

People drop out of college for all kinds of reasons - relationships, drugs, joining a band, deciding to follow The Dead around in a camper van.. the list is long and varied. » 12/11/08 3:00pm 12/11/08 3:00pm

The Farmer Wants A Wife, Again - Famitsu Reveals New PSP Harvest Moon

The ever-reliable Famitsu has the skinny on a new installment in cutesy farming saga Harvest Moon. » 12/10/08 8:20pm 12/10/08 8:20pm

Strong Bad's CGFAP Episode 5 - The Trailer

At this point, Strong Bad and his Cool Game For Attractive People will have split the room already. You either 'get' the gruff-voiced lucha libre fella and his antics or you don't. » 12/10/08 7:40pm 12/10/08 7:40pm

More Books On The DS Following Harper Collins/Nintendo Deal

The Times (the proper London one, not that New York pretender) is reporting that Nintendo has signed a deal with publishers Harper Collins related to its new ebook collection for the DS - 100 Classic Book Collection. » 12/10/08 6:40pm 12/10/08 6:40pm

Opium, Tea And You - East India Company Screens

With trade 'em up naval strategy game East India Company due out early next year, Nitro Games has hoisted some new screens up the flagpole to see who will salute. » 12/10/08 5:20pm 12/10/08 5:20pm

Warhammer Online Erects Statues Of Great Players

When asked how he would like to be remembered after his death, comedian Emo Phillips replied "Just by a small family gathering, once a year.. on Emo Phillips Day." » 12/10/08 5:00pm 12/10/08 5:00pm

NYU Offering Degree In Games

New York University is to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in video game design, research and development. » 12/10/08 3:20pm 12/10/08 3:20pm

Rice Using WiiMote To Research Motor Skills Learning

Researchers at Rice University make heavy use of high-end motion capture systems (glued on ping-pong balls and all) when studying how humans acquire and improve motor skills, but perhaps a WiiMote will work. » 12/09/08 8:20pm 12/09/08 8:20pm

Rockstar Puts Entire Catalogue Up On Metaboli

Rockstar have signed a deal with European games download specialists Metaboli to make their entire back catalogue available for download. » 12/09/08 7:20pm 12/09/08 7:20pm